3 Reasons You Should Read "Go Set a Watchman"


Today, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee stands as an American classic taught in classrooms nationwide. The iconic story follows a white lawyer, Atticus, who is tasked with defending an innocent black man accused of raping a young woman. Narrated by Atticus’s daughter, Scout, the novel presents a maturing child’s perspective of injustice in the 1930s. The immeasurable success of To Kill a Mockingbird and, arguably, the idolization of beloved character Atticus Finch, encouraged by excited readers and the film adaptation of the novel make the read a well-known title.

Reading Shapes Life: Guest Post by Jillian @ Jillian's Books


For book lovers around the world, reading continues to shape our experiences. In both early decisions and those made later in life, the perspectives we gain through favorite books can dictate our paths. In this wonderful guest post, one of my closest blog friends, Jillian, explains how reading has affected her experiences as a student in the Philippines:

I've always loved to write. Before I began to write, I loved to read, too. When I was 7, I was convinced that I would be an author someday; I collected notebooks and sketchpads, and I would often use them as mediums to write my fictional stories in.

Four Steps to Capture the Best for Bookstagram


I enjoy capturing moments. Whether it's through writing on my blog or another platform, taking photos, or saving tokens, I love to make memories. My bookish instagram account is one such platform; I share blue-tinted items of my imagination with other bookworms.